Computer Assisted Mechanistic Evaluation of Organic reactions (CAMEO) is an expert system that predicts the outcome of organic reactions given starting materials, reagents and reaction conditions. Versions are available for execution on Macintosh, Linux, SGI, and SUN computers. The SGI and SUN versions use XWindows, so they can run on any Xterminal with an SGI or SUN as host.

CAMEO predictions are based primarily on mechanistic reasoning. Whenever relevant, it uses parameters such as pKa's or Taft steric values calculated internally by specially developed algorithms. CAMEO has been extended to cover most of the major classes of organic reactions. It is constructed as a modular expert system, each module dealing with a different reaction class. Current modules handle Basic/Nucleophilic, Acidic/Electrophilic, Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution (EAS), Radical, Heterocyclic, Pericyclic, Oxidative/Reductive, Carbene, Pd Organometallic and Photochemical reactions. Apart from reaction predictions, the program can also perform a number of other functions, such as three-dimensional structure minimizations, pKa predictions, bond angle and length calculations, etc.

Price: The program is available to

Corporations - Site License $ 15,000
Individuals at corporations - $ 2,000
Individuals at schools or government agencies - $ 950
Students - please inquire

The price includes the executable code and all current documentation including the user's manual. Reduced pricing for use in courses is available upon inquiry.

Distribution: Executables are provided on a CD for both Mac and PowerMac computers running System 7 or higher. The UNIX version of CAMEO is available for execution on SGI systems running IRIX 5.3 or higher or SUN workstations running Solaris 5.7; and the Linux version are distributed by ftp. Please specify your preferences when ordering. These materials become the property of the purchaser upon payment under the conditions of the license agreement. All materials are sent via air mail outside of North America.

Update Service and Maintenance: Users will be notified of future releases of the program, which will be made available at a reduced update price.

License Agreement for the CAMEO Program

An individual purchaser agrees that the copy of CAMEO that he/she receives will (1) only be used by the individual purchaser and (2) not be installed on more than two computers. No copies of the program are to be made. Cemcomco warrants that the software will perform as described in the user's manual and is Y2K compliant.

Corporate Site License
1. The licensee is granted a nonexclusive license to install and use the software system known as CAMEO on any computer systems or networks operated by the licensee within a 3 mile radius of one central location. Access from sites beyond three miles requires a separate license. Licensor (Cemcomco) warrants that the software will perform as described in the user's manual and is Y2K compliant.

2. If the source code for CAMEO is obtained, the licensee may modify the software to form derivative works. The restrictions specified herein also apply to the derivative works.

3. The licensee has no ownership rights in the CAMEO software or in any copyrights for the CAMEO software or documentation through this license.

4. The licensee shall not distribute any portion of the CAMEO software or of any derivative works based upon the CAMEO software to third parties without prior written authorization from Cemcomco.

5. The licensee may demonstrate the use of the CAMEO software to third parties on computer systems operated by the licensee as designated in point 1 above.

6. The licensee recognizes the developmental nature of the CAMEO software and will hold no person or organization liable for any damages resulting from use of the CAMEO software.