XChemEdit Version 0.93

XChemEdit is a multipurpose graphics package; it can draw and edit three-dimensional chemical structures, serve as a graphical interface to the BOSS, MCPRO and popular quantum mechanics programs, display molecular orbitals and electron densities, animate vibrational modes, compute thermochemical properties, manipulate a variety of common document formats such as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and FrameMaker, and generate graphics for publications. Chemical structures are constructed by importing atomic coordinates from common chemistry file formats such as Cartesian and PDB, or by using templates predefined in the program. Molecules can be represented in several alternative forms such as wire-frame, spoke, ball and stick, space-filling, and van der Waals and viewed in mono or stereo mode.

XChemEdit 0.93 includes many enhancements and new features including energy minimizations with the OPLS-AA force field and display of molecular orbitals from MOPAC93 output.

Price: The program is available upon return of the executed license agreement. The purchase prices for a UNIX version of the program are as follows:

For -profit organizations:
For unlimited users & workstations at one site:
$ 7,500
Otherwise, per workstation:
$ 2,000

For schools and government agencies:
For unlimited users & workstations at one site:
$ 2,500
Otherwise, per workstation:
$ 750

The price includes the executable code and all current documentation including the user's manual.

Hardware Requirements: XChemEdit can run under IRIX 5.3 or later, Linux/i386 Kernel 2.0.34 (glibc2), and IBM AIX 4.2.

Access: The program is normally provided by ftp. Installation is fully automated.

Update Service, and Maintenance: Any updates or new versions of XChemEdit will be sent to you automatically in year 1. The annual fee for this service after year 1 is currently 15% of the purchase price.

License for the XChemEdit Program

1. The licensee is granted a nonexclusive license to install and use the software system known as XChemEdit. The number of users and workstations allowed to execute the program is determined by the payment as described in the distribution document. Licensor (Cemcomco) warrants that the software will perform as described in the user's manual and is Y2K compliant.

2. The licensee has no ownership rights in the XChemEdit software or in any copyrights for the XChemEdit software or documentation through this license.

3. The licensee shall not distribute any portion of the XChemEdit software or of any derivative works based upon the XChemEdit software to third parties.

4. The licensee may demonstrate the use of the XChemEdit software to third parties on a computer operated by the licensee as designated in point 1 above.

5. The licensee recognizes the developmental nature of the XChemEdit software and will hold no person or organization liable for any damages resulting from use of the XChemEdit software.

6. Licensor warrants that the software will not infringe upon or violate any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary right of any third party. Should the software become the subject of a claim of infringement of a third party's proprietary right, licensor shall accept the return of the software and reimburse licensee for charges in the last year.

Please approve the license agreement and return 1 signed copy:

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_____________________________________ Date